Authors Websites or fan page

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January 22, 2013
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March 5, 2013

Authors Websites or fan page

Mock up of devices on a dark background - 3d rendering

Mock up view of devices on a dark background - 3d rendering

These are type of personal website but just like fan page websites.These sites are made naturally to show how popular the person is or to showcase to world the books he has written.Here the person can say about is awards and nominated for.This website mostly an be made for biography.This website makes more showcase the person online and growth.From this website he can make a link where is book can be brought,how to contact,gifting,rewarding person online.

With era in social media, creating a fan page is more easier in making connection with friends ,Option To Keep Your Personal Life by optimize  the privacy settings on your desired Fan Page.This makes advantage that your fans can share you profile to their friends by this your popularity can be grown. There more amazing features where you can get fans friends interaction to keep then you in mind .

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