Nouvelle Innovator - Quick CRM - NIQCRM

With Nouvelle Innovator Quick CRM, You are improving your organization's relationship with your customers, and your potential leads.

  • From Marketing to Post Sales You can manage your customers here. And Track every activity without any loss.
  • You Can Check what Products your Client Interested in, Purchased Products.
  • You can Attach Documents related to the customer.
  • You Can Manage Tickets, Quotes, Invoice and much more in a single portal.
  • You can add and manage your Vendors.


Create and track profitable marketing activity.


Find the prospect leads and convert to sales.


Individual or linked with the company.


Track your Customer Invoice staus in detail


Manage Each Employee Separately

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    Nouvelle Innovator Quick CRM comes with cloud or dedicated panel. You choose.

    General FAQ

    1Can i import my leads from Excel?
    Yes. You can import data from a CSV file into our Portal.
    2Do you provide API for APP Development?
    Yes. We provide API for APP development.
    3Can i add my lead directly from my website?
    Yes. We provide API. You can do with the help of your developer. We can help with you if you are a yearly plan subscriber

    General FAQ

    1Do you Provide WebHook Service?
    Yes. We provide Web Hook .Provided only on Panel Dedicated.

    Need Of Dedicated Solution?