Terms Of Use Hosting

Service Agreement Contract for Hosting

Nouvelle Innovator offers Web hosting storage and transfer services to Customer, who seeks to utilize Web Hosting server for their purpose to access the Web Server through the Internet.

Nouvelle Innovator provides best hosting service and ensures uptime as possible but there would be interruption as possible due to unavoidable issues.

Nouvelle Innovator is not responsible for failure in accessing web server due to issues/delay in third party service involved (like ISP, DNS Propagation, hard disk failure or any) as it is neither owned nor controlled by us.

Nouvelle Innovator reserves all right to modify this policy at any time and will be effective immediately upon posting of the modification.

The Customer agrees as enclosed below in factor of mutual promises;



The customer must decide the contract period during sign up period, the minimum period will be 90 days.
Hosting will be activated only after 100% payment is made and payment reflected in the Nouvelle Innovator account. Nouvelle Innovator is not responsible for delay in process of clearance of payment from bank side or any third party.

Its sole responsibility of client to bare all charges and fees associated with their account.You agree that you are solely responsible for any personal income reporting and tax payments required of you by applicable government authorities.

One time setup fee will be charged to the customer who opts for customized hosting packages.

The contract will renew automatically till the contract is cancelled by Customer in writing or printed with the signature of the authorized signatory attested with company rubber stamp.

Violating any terms of Nouvelle Innovator including outstanding bills with Nouvelle Innovator will lead to termination/suspension of service immediately.

For suspending account, Nouvelle Innovator reserves the right to enforce a re-activation fee.

All payments to Nouvelle Innovator are non refundable. Unless agreed otherwise (reffer : Cancellation and refund policy - Hosting).


Terms of Use of services

Customer will be provided with the ready server which will be ready to work on. The additional works outside of the defined service should be done by the customer. Customer agrees that he/she has all necessary knowledge required to work on the server.

Customer agrees that, in no way Nouvelle Innovator is responsible for faults by a team of customer and agrees that it’s not the responsibility of Nouvelle Innovator to provide the knowledge to the Customer outside of the defined service.
Work that to be done by Nouvelle Innovator outside of the defined service will be charged upon customer after payment

Excessive resource usage Any script / executable code / mails (Bulk Mail) that consumes excessive amount of CPU time [as defined by Nouvelle Innovator] may be prioritized if possible or will be asked to alter or discontinue such.In failing to do so, Nouvelle Innovator has rights to terminate any process or account or service as this act is considered as violating norms of Nouvelle Innovator.

Nouvelle Innovator has all rights to investigate its network to verify compliance with all agreed upon Terms.
Customer agrees to cooperate in any investigations of their content , codes or any uploaded in server space for storing or transmitting (inbound and outbound) provided by Nouvelle Innovator, in failure to agree by client leads to termination of service.

Nouvelle Innovator has all rights to terminate the account that will cause a threat to Nouvelle Innovator’s customers, servers, network , or in any form.
Nouvelle Innovator doesn’t provide any warranty in any form for the service it is providing.

Customer agrees/warrant that he/she has all rights (copyright or any form that bounds laws on the ground) for the file/data in any format that are stored in a server or transmitting (inbound and outbound). Failure in the act leads to termination of account immediately.

Email abuse – Mails that are considered as Unsolicited Commercial Email or Spam or Bulk Mail in any form is unreservedly forbidden. This act is considered as abuse leads to immediate termination of account.

Nouvelle Innovator prohibits any portion of its Hosting services to be resold without any charge in any form , Proxy websites or any such like are prohibited. File hosting service is also prohibited. Failure in the act leads to termination of account immediately.

Any incident of act of server abuse abuse leads to immediate termination of account. If you are unsure that your service will lead to abuse Nouvelle Innovator terms , before proceeding you can have a check to us.

Nouvelle Innovator provides space only for website and its related data in non media format and prohibits storage of any other non related files on the server. Failure, this act is also considered as an act of abuse and lead to termination/suspension of account.

Nouvelle Innovator refuses any warranty of merchantability for any purpose and will not be responsible for any loss or damages including data loss , service interruptions or in any form and what so ever .

Nouvelle Innovator can deny any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through its services. Bandwidth speed means the speed of a connection to and not an end to end bandwidth.

Nouvelle Innovator has all rights to reject the certain materials that are uploaded to the server .Persisting to keep such materials will lead to termination of service.

Its customer responsibility to make updates of DNS IP provided by Nouvelle Innovator in their domain control panel for customers who registered domains /having domain control outside Nouvelle Innovator

Nouvelle Innovator recommends our customer to use pop3 to download emails to their own PC/any personal portable device. Storing email in webmail is not allowed.



Nouvelle Innovator recommends our customers to do their regular own backups in any storage device and its customer's responsibility for maintaining their own backups, as possibilities of hardware failure with us. Though we maintain backups of our server regularly with the best backup process, in rare case such event would be happening. We wish you are prepared for any such event. Nouvelle Innovator is not responsible for such event as a third party is involved.

Nouvelle Innovator does not guarantee the availability, completeness, currency, or integrity of these backups or the data they contain. Consequently, you must not rely upon the availability, completeness, currency, or integrity of these backups.

Nouvelle Innovator does not provide any sort of compensation for lost, inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated data in the event, that Nouvelle Innovator 's backups do not function properly, regardless of the reason(s) for any such malfunction, even if the malfunction was due to the fault or negligence of Nouvelle Innovator process or in any form.


Resource Usage

User Resticted from :
Use 20% or more of system resources for longer then 90 seconds. There are activities that could cause such problems; these include: CGI scripts, FTP, PHP, HTTP, etc.

Run stand-alone, unattended server-side processes at any point in time on the server. This includes any and all daemons, such as IRCD.

Run any type of web spider on a shared server, any gaming servers, any software that interfaces with an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network, involving in file-sharing/peer-to-peer activities , any bit torrent application, tracker, or client.

Run cron entries with intervals of less than 30 minutes

Use daily average system resources (CPU, RAM, MySQL) are limited.

If any site does not follow above resource usage policies, Nouvelle Innovator will have right to suspend the hosting plans.


Fair Usage Policy

Nouvelle Innovator ensures our hosting services are used fairly and our services operate reliably for all customers a Fair Usage Policy made. this applicable only when you subscribe to a Product that does not have any usage limits

Resources such as MySQL databases, subdomains, POP3 mail accounts, SMTP mail accounts, FTP accounts should not be used and created in such a way that can potentially have adverse effects on the normal optimal operation of our services. Hosting accounts created should not exceed the limits.

Nouvelle Innovator reserves the right to terminate the hosting contract and refuse to renew the service if the act is against Fair Usage Policy of Nouvelle Innovator.


Changes to these Terms

Any changes to our this terms(Hosting) will supersede this version of our terms(Hosting). We will take sufficient steps to make your attention to changes in our terms(Hosting)  .You are recommended to read this document each time to know updates in the terms(Hosting).


Note : This is separate terms must read Terms of Use