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By availing the custom design services provided by us, which include but are not limited to Website Design, Website ReDesign, Marketing Collateral (Flyers, Brochures, and other related materials), Logo Design, Stationery Design, Banner Design, Video Design, and all major categories in Corporate Identity, the customer agrees to the following terms:


You agree to provide clear and accurate project requirements, materials, and feedback. Timely communication and cooperation are essential to ensure the successful completion of design projects.


The customer agrees to submit the material in the following formats:

Text Content

Sending the text content as a PDF attachment via email is acceptable. However, please make sure that the content is not in image mode or any other restricted format. Submissions in such formats will not be considered.

Image Content

Please send image content via email or any other digital method. If there are requests for image-related modifications, including basic retouching, they will be subject to billing.

Video Content

Video content should be provided in a format compatible with our video design process.


You confirms that all materials provided, including text, image, and video content, are authorized for use in the design process. Any copyright or licensing requirements must be fulfilled by you.


All intellectual property rights related to the design work created by us shall remain the property of the designer unless explicitly transferred to the client through a separate agreement. You are granted a non-exclusive license to use the design for their intended purpose.


We provides a specified number of revisions as outlined in the project agreement. Additional revisions beyond the agreed-upon number may be subject to extra fees.


We will deliver the final design to the client in the agreed-upon format and timeframe. You are responsible for reviewing the design and providing feedback or acceptance within a reasonable period. Failure to provide feedback within this period may result in project completion being deemed as accepted.


Either party may terminate a project by providing written notice. You agree to compensate us for work completed up to the termination date.