Customer agrees that the domain name registration/transfer/renewal  will depend on the terms and conditions of various naming authorities/registration agents.Below are terms of Nouvelle Innovator in suporting the process of registration/transfer/renewal for its customer.


Customer agrees to pay full payment in order to register the Domain under Nouvelle Innovator.

Customer agrees that Nouvelle Innovator is not responsible in errors made on the part of the naming authorities/registration agents.

Customer agrees that they cannot cancel any domain names once registered.

Customer agrees and understands that Completion of this contract is only for Domain registration not the hosting and grants Nouvelle Innovator to suspend the service till payment is fully made for whatsoever.


Customer agrees that Nouvelle Innovator is not responsible for failure in the renewal of the Domain Name.Nouvelle Innovator recommends client to pay Domain Renwal fee  on before 7 working days of expiry period of the domain.

Customer agrees to Pay to Nouvelle Innovator for Domain renewal fee on before 7 working days of expiry period of the domain for the domains associated with Nouvelle Innovator.

Customer understands that they will be informed about the renewal date a minimum of  30 days in advance by anyone of this form SMS or E-mail or Mail.

Customer agrees, that failure /neglect/ or in any one of this form – to pay renewal fee will suspend the  renewal of any domain names and leads to loss of domain Control.

Customer agrees and understands that Nouvelle Innovator are not responsible for any domain lost due to Customer’s neglect to pay domain renewal fee.


Customer understands that domain transfer is possible only when domain status in open for transfer and in period for transfer.

Customer acknowledges that Nouvelle Innovator will not be responsible for any difficulty in the transfer of the domain name and agrees to pay all fees to Nouvelle Innovator in regards to domain transfer.

Customer understands that this is a transfer of Domain not the Hosting space.

Customer agrees that in unsuccessful transfer amount will not be refunded in some case.

All transferred domain names will be registered to the Customer by Nouvelle Innovator.Once the transfer is complete Customer will adhere to the terms of Nouvelle Innovator. .


Free Domain Names only for REGISTRATION.Free Domain valid only for the extenstion .com .in , .ne


Domain name registration/transfer/renewal will be done only after 100% payment is made and payment reflected in the Nouvelle Innovator account. Nouvelle Innovator is not responsible for delay in process of clearance of payment from bank side or any third party.

Changes to these Terms

Any changes to our this terms(Domain) will supersede this version of our terms(Domain). We will take sufficient steps to make your attention to changes in our terms(Domain)  .You are recommended to read this document each time to know updates in the terms(Domain).

  Note : This is separate terms must read Terms of Use