Service Agreement Contract for Hosting

Nouvelle Innovator offers Web hosting storage and transfer services to Customer, who seeks to utilize Web Hosting server for their purpose to access the Web Server through the Internet.Nouvelle Innovator provides best hosting service and ensures uptime as possible but there would be interruption as possible due to unavoidable issues.Nouvelle Innovator is not responsible for failure in accessing web server due to issues/delay in third party service involved (like ISP, DNS Propagation, hard disk failure or any) as it is neither owned nor controlled by us.Nouvelle Innovator reserves all right to modify this policy at any time and will be effective immediately upon posting of the modification.The Customer agrees as enclosed below in factor of mutual promises;

Cancellation and Refund Policy – General

As all our work is customized for each and every customer, returns and refunds are not available. All fees paid are non-refundable.

As we sever customers to satisfy them completely with the work we deliver. In an/the unlikely event we are not able to satisfy customer, cancellation of the project must be made in writing by the customer. In an/the event work is postponed or cancelled at the request of the Customer, we reserve the right to retain the advance payment made .An additional payment will be due for the customer if the worth of work completed is more than advance payment made. If additional payment is due, this will be billed to the Client within 10 days of notification to stop work.

Cancellation and refund Policy – Hosting

When a customer wishes to cancel Nouvelle Innovator Web Hosting services within 29 days of initial SignUp or primary activation of service without violation Terms of Nouvelle Innovator a refund will be made after necessary procedures. The billing related to the counselling service will stop after service is cancelled.

Third party / Nouvelle Innovator partner’s services/any custom service by or through Nouvelle Innovator are not in the part of refund policy and Third party / Nouvelle Innovator partner’s charges will be deducted on your refund payout or must be paid by the customer before cancellation of service.

Refund available only for shared hosting services and the service including dedicated servers, VPS servers, domain registrations, domain transferred, domain renewal , SSL Certificate, Static IP, offers given with a hosting package, any others that are involved in Third party / Nouvelle Innovator partner’s service are non-refundable.

Violating any terms of Nouvelle Innovator will lead to termination of service without any refund.

Cancellation and refund Policy – Domain

The registered domains cannot be altered in name or extension (Top Level Domain), additional domains requested will be chargeable as applicable.

Once you register/Transfer/Renew your Domain Name, you are its owner and it cannot be “cancelled” until the duration of the domain term has expired. Domain names are controlled worldwide by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN ) organization and we do not have any control over.

Note : All Cancellation and Refund Policy in General if not defined separately as by Nouvelle Innovator.