Photo Sharing Websites

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January 22, 2013
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Photo Sharing Websites

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What is Photo Sharing Websites?

Photo sharing or image sharing websites is where once can transfer or publish once photo through digital media.These are done by uploading a image and storing it online to make accessible to friends,family,privately or publicly.These images can be downloaded or can be restricted to downloads.There many sites offering free,restricted,limited,subscription based.these website is useful one who also need image hosting site to upload huge number of photos or images.These websites comes with filters ,cropping,photo editing features online which made managing use photo and adding effects more readable and favorable.

Recent technologies in  photo sharing online induces dynamic Web photo album generators ,Comparison of photo gallery.Comparison of individual photo ,search images based on photo.Most of digital camera is enabled with auto upload of photo to photo sharing websites , social media shares etc. Image classification is used to classify the images to its nature and the more popular feature is Photo tagging, where one can tag the photo to say who,what,where is the image are represents,like in a group photo marking digitally in photo on which once can know who the person is.Geo-tagging is used identification of geographical location with lat and long,makes easily identity where the picture taken really all modern digital camera come with auto Geo-tagging.

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