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September 18, 2020
The Importance of Design in Building Your Brand
October 5, 2020

Important Announcement


With Effect From 01-OCT-2020 00:00:00(IST), there is no further support for the products that have been issued by Nouvelle Innovator which has announced as deprecated and list given below. 

  • NILMS 1.x
  • NICMS 1.x
  • NICMS 2.x
  • NICMS 3.x
  • NIBSS 1.x
  • NIBSS 2.x
  • And for all Custom software developed before 2018 also included in this list.

Any How for the existing customer can use it and continue with the exiting features, further updates or changes in existing work will not be provided at free of cost as per the agreement terms.

The above list related to security issue also can’t be guaranteed by Nouvelle Innovator, hence requested to contact our team and get solution for this.

If you wish from NILMS to our new Cloud Portal Nouvelle Innovator – Quick CRM – NIQCRM, you can migrate for free before 15-OCT-2020 00:00:00(IST).

If you wish from NIBSS contact for the solution.

If you wish from NICMS contact for the solution.

Important Announcement
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