The Importance of Design in Building Your Brand

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September 30, 2020
Difference between Corporate Identity & Branding
Difference between Corporate Identity & Branding
October 15, 2020

The Importance of Design in Building Your Brand


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What is the difference between a coffee at a road side shop and the one at Star Bucks? What do you think is the difference between an ordinary T-shirt that you get for a couple of hundreds of rupees and a Nike? Probably they both are made at the same industry in Tiruppur.

The difference is branding.

Branding provides the value to the product. It increases the perceived value by intrinsically elevating the value of the product or the service? Perhaps, Apple products are one of the most recognised and respected brands in the world. The difference is proper branding.

It takes less than a second to make the first impression. No matter how good a product is or how valuable or even optimally priced it is, a brand of the product is recognised only after it is associated with a beautiful design. Sometimes a logo does this work. As in the case of Nike, a simple tick mark makes everyone around the world know, almost instantly, that it is a product of a brand.

A good design catches people’s eye almost instantly and makes them register a product, any product in their minds even if they don’t have the need for them at the moment. And it is the same design that makes them remember the product the next time they have a need for it. Hence, it is vital for brands to have their own unique designs.

The need for a good design

A lot of inputs go into designing. Shaping up a logo, colour schemes, the captions, the fonts that seem pleasing for those captions and sometimes whether they can be altered by someone else to form a different brand and lot more. If a design speaks up for the product, the job of a business is half done, since, the audience i.e. the buyers begin recognising the product through them.

A good design has some qualities with it,

  • It speaks about the brand
  • It creates a standard idea about a product or a brand in people’s minds
  • When made appealing, it makes a brand more desirable than the competitive brands.

Design with Marketing

When done correctly, the design can help with the product getting a prominent place in the market. Also, it helps a lot during the marketing stages.

  1. Like the aforesaid example of Nike, it helps create a brand identity.

This is a double edged sword however. A good design can make a product shine, while a bad one can bring down a product in an instant.

  • Adds value to advertisement campaigns.

An exceptional design, like said earlier sticks to people’s minds and it tends to stand out. With so much competition online providing similar products with differing prices, a good design helps with a product to differentiate itself from the crowd.

  • A good design helps with better conversions and in the end, Return on Investments.

Good designs can help attract potential customers and lead them into conversions as buyers and regular buyers. This helps a brand to attain their return on investments in the long run.

A good branding is the result of a meticulous process of building the brand. Design, which plays the central part of every brand is the only differentiator between good products and great products. At Nouvelle Innovator, we create great designs that builds great brands. Whether it is the logo designing or brochure designing or web designing, our services can make you stand apart from your competition.

Start your brand building process with our expert designers and marketers, today.

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The Importance of Design in Building Your Brand
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